Voice Broadcasting (Voice Blasts / Bulk Voice Calls)

What is it?

The simplest, fastest & most cost effective way to reach out to your target audience anywhere in India! Our voice broadcasting service allows you to send pre-recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of mobile and landline phones with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web.

How it works?

Record Your Voice Message > Upload list of Phone numbers that you would like to call > Schedule Voice Campaign > System will automatically call phone numbers and play your pre-recorded voice message

Smsflight.net Voice Broadcasting Service is perfect for:
  • Political and Social Campaigns
  • Business Promotions and Marketing Campaigns
  • School, College and Educational Institute Notifications
  • Product and Service Updates
Features & Benefits of Our Service
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery
  • Support for National Do Not Call Registry Filtering
  • Automatic re-dial of unsuccessful calls
  • Low Per Call Fee [Pay per use]. No Hidden Costs/Setup Fees/Monthly charges.
  • Easy recording options for Voice Message
  • No software to buy or download.
  • Pay for successful calls ONLY!
  • No Charges for Invalid Numbers.
  • No Charges for Un-attended Calls.
  • All Landline & Mobile Networks Covered.
  • All India Same Pricing.
  • 600 Calls / Minute.
  • Precise Reporting (answered / not-answered).