• The main features include sending sms, bulk sms, voice sms and sending sms through uploading files like text and excel.
  • Complete visibility of messages sent and messages failed.
  • view how many messages sent and download the report for future reference.
  • SMS report tool is available and can see any time all the report date wise, date range wise.
  • Message log on home page will show you all the messages sent from your account.
  • You can use SMS API to use API and send sms using it in your own application.


This document contains the deatails about the sending SMS using the smsflight.net API provided by SmsFlight.net web service. This sms API is used for sending the fast sms through the http protocol. Below is the URL and detailed explanation of the API.

Send single SMS

The format of URL should be like this

Send multiple SMS

The format of the URL should be like this


U = user name
Please pass a valid username which is provided by SMSFlight.net.
P = password
Please pass a valid password which is provided by SMSFlight.net.
Msg = Message
Message is what you want to send in SMS. The message length should be less than or equal to 160. This is the default sms length supported.
Sid = Sender ID
This is the id which your message will use and the recipient will get the message with this sender name. Max length of the sender id will be used is 8.
Number = Mobile number or series of numbers separated by comma
If you are sending message to a single number then give the mobile number which should have 10 digits. If you want to send message to multiple numbers then place all numbers separated by comma.

NOTE: Please don’t include the country code or 0 before the mobile number. The mobile number should be of 10 digits only.

For the sms request sent by you, the API will respond with a status code. Below are the status codes which we are using:

0: Invalid credentials passed.
1: Message sent successfully.
2: Sender id is invalid.
3: Mobile number is invalid.
4: Message credit limit exceeded.
100: Failure in sending SMS.

0|x: Invalid credentials passed.
1|x: Message sent successfully.
2|x: Sender Id is invalid.
3|x: Mobile number is invalid.
4|x. Message credit limit exceeded.
100|x. Failure sending code.

Note: Remember the variable x is telling you that how many messages successfully sent. X is always 0 for invalid credentials (0) and invalid sender id (2) status. And for remaining statuses that varies.
Example, you requested to send 15 messages at a time through API and you have only 10 message credits then the response from API is 4|10. That means message credit limit exceeded and the successful sent messages are 10.

Please contact Support for more information about login credentials, buy credits, API processing.